• How to login to Firefly

How to login to Firefly

Please follow these instructions to log into your Firefly account for the first time:

1) Go to the Firefly login page here: http://friernbarnet.fireflycloud.net

2) Click on the Office 365 option on the right (on a smaller screen it will be at the bottom):

3) Type in your Office365 email address and click next

Your office365 email address will be your computer login username followed by @student.friern.barnet.sch.uk For example if your computer login username is jbloggs your email will be jbloggs@student.friern.barnet.sch.uk

4) Press accept when the "Permissions requested" screen appears:

5) The password will be the same as your school network password as they are linked.

6) You will now be logged into Firefly.

Always remember to select the Log in with Office365 option on the login screen

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