• How to log into Firefly - Staff

How to log into Firefly - Staff

Please follow these instructions to log into your Firefly account for the first time:

1) Go to the Firefly login page here: http://friernbarnet.fireflycloud.net

2) Click on the Office 365 option on the right (on a smaller screen it will be at the bottom):

3) Type in your office365 email address (usually first initial (dot) surname followed by @friern.barnet.sch.uk). E.g. j.bloggs@friern.barnet.sch.uk

4) The password will be the same as your school network password as they are linked.

5) Press accept when the "Permissions requested" screen appears:

6) You will now be logged into Firefly.

Always remember to select the Log in with Office365 option on the login screen

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